B-Grade and Secondhand Solo Headphone Amplifiers

We occasionally get enquiries from customers who really want a Solo - possibly to get on the Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition upgrade path - but don't have the resources available to purchase one all at once. We're often asked if we have any seconds 'going cheap'. The thing is we don't manufacture seconds, but...

From time to time we receive unwanted "pre-loved" Solo boards after upgrade to Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition spec. If we do the upgrade the old board goes to help toward our costs - we charge very little more than the DIY offer for our labour and the full test we give each unit processed. These pre-loved boards can range from 2004 models up to the SRGII version.

With new products our rigorous quality control rejects case parts for hardly noticeable scratches and blemishes. Sometimes a case part will be OK except for a slight gap that won't close on tightening the screws.

To help those who ask about seconds we can offer to select good used upgrade boards and fit them in B grade cases at a bargain basement price - the exact price will depend on the amount of work involved. As some of these may have been first placed on the market prior to RoHS, some may even contain components you simply cannot obtain anymore such as Elna Starget audio capacitors, but be warned that these do have a sonic signature whereas today our products are carefully crafted to not have any particular signature.

If you are interested, please enquire using our contact form.