British Made Hi-Fi System Components by Graham Slee

British made hi-fi system components by Graham Slee

You Just Took An Important Step On The Road To Better HiFi...

Buying the right high fidelity equipment isn't easy. It's full of pitfalls and mistakes can be costly, so it makes sense to research carefully.

Today there are hundreds of brands to choose from which begs the question why? In the past the hi-fi industry was a collection of enthusiasts who just so happened to be electronics designers with a passion for great music reproduction. Not so today. Now it's about money because big money can be made out of hi-fi. So you'll find quite a lot of technically unqualified investors are making a success out of it.

This isn't particularly good news. The success is all theirs which means it might not be good for you. And it all depends on what you want as a result of purchasing new hi-fi gear.

Our customers expect what we do to be special. They don't want a placebo effect, they want products that do "exactly what it says on the can". They have high expectations and we meet them!

We could go on about 3D and holographic sound, and paint a wonderful picture of how our products will give you great musical satisfaction connecting with you emotionally (which incidentally they do), but as you've found, everybody says the same. It is harder than ever for you to differentiate between the masses of products out there.

Magazine reviews don't help much either because they tend to be brand-focussed to catch your attention from the supermarket shelf. We've seen several dubious designs get 5 star status and awards simply because they're big business, and there are a lot of dissatisfied customers as a result.

But what if you knew of a hi-fi manufacturer who is so confident about their products that they let their user group forum lend you them to try at home? What would you say to that? Obviously the products must be good for a manufacturer to "risk" that. And that's exactly what we've been doing for 5 years now.

Stay on this site and you'll find lots of meaningful testimonials from our growing number of customers who will honestly tell you you're on the right road to better hi-fi.

Graham Slee audio products are renowned for their incredibly true to life musicality. They go the extra mile to please and they're exclusively designed and hand crafted in Great Britain . . .

Awesome Product:
I received the Accession on Monday... The excitement of adding that one component and your entire system springs up to life... Bass is more punchier. Treble is Precise. Even the Lowest notes are audible with the same Perfection as of the high notes. Well rounded performance. (this does not mean the System perform like a Jack, rather a King.)... Moving Magnet Carts can reveal so much details like MC. Only had this experience with the Accession. Doing all this Magic and yet the Analogue feel is never lost. Thanks Graham..... Awesome Product. (Vinod, Singapore)

It's Breathtaking:
I'm now fully "Slee'd". Majestic, Proprius, Era Gold V, Lautus, Libran and now the final piece in the puzzle Spatia loud speaker cable. I put them in the system last night. Really pleased, everything sounds so cohesive, instruments are hanging in their own space. Never thought I'd own a stereo system that could sound this good, it's breathtaking. The sound stage is huge... Thanks guys. (Paul, Birmingham UK)

A New Level of Clarity:
I have become obsessed with music because thanks to this new clarity level, I am discovering a whole new realm of nunances which affects even the general narrative of a piece... Silences become charged with a new tension, subtle tremolos no longer become mere pauses from action, pizzicattos are unbelievably present and fulfilling, and above all: sumptuous and glorious tuttis that amaze me everytime I hear them. The only other time in my life that made me that excited about music was when I was 16 or 17 and discovering Chopin on tapes... (Serge, Canada - Solo Ultra-Linear)

The flexibility to satisfy: with these compact hi‑fi system components you can pick and choose just what you need to create your ideal music system.

Capture the image: dynamic and musical stereo with real depth—let us take you closer to how your music was originally laid down.

Hand crafted since 1998: we are music enthusiasts and our life's work is in making affordable class‑leading audio products for you.