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Did you think hi-fi meant high fidelity? Well it should, but it doesn't always. There are three interpretations:

  1. high fidelity, which it was, and should be, where the designer goes all out to achieve the exact same sound as the media allows.
  2. high-end/audiophile manipulation, where distortion is adjusted to make the sound different, such as brighter and more harmonic.
  3. the mixed bag of low end mass produced audio products of any quality.

HiFi System Components only represent the first: high fidelity, as it should be.

All testimonials on this website are genuine and can be verified.


Awesome Product:
I received the Accession on Monday... The excitement of adding that one component and your entire system springs up to life... Bass is more punchier. Treble is Precise. Even the Lowest notes are audible with the same Perfection as of the high notes. Well rounded performance. (this does not mean the System perform like a Jack, rather a King.)... Moving Magnet Carts can reveal so much details like MC. Only had this experience with the Accession. Doing all this Magic and yet the Analogue feel is never lost. Thanks Graham..... Awesome Product. (Vinod, Singapore)

It's Breathtaking:
I'm now fully "Slee'd". Majestic, Proprius, Era Gold V, Lautus, Libran and now the final piece in the puzzle Spatia loud speaker cable. I put them in the system last night. Really pleased, everything sounds so cohesive, instruments are hanging in their own space. Never thought I'd own a stereo system that could sound this good, it's breathtaking. The sound stage is huge... Thanks guys. (Paul, Birmingham UK)

A New Level of Clarity:
I have become obsessed with music because thanks to this new clarity level, I am discovering a whole new realm of nunances which affects even the general narrative of a piece... Silences become charged with a new tension, subtle tremolos no longer become mere pauses from action, pizzicattos are unbelievably present and fulfilling, and above all: sumptuous and glorious tuttis that amaze me everytime I hear them. The only other time in my life that made me that excited about music was when I was 16 or 17 and discovering Chopin on tapes... (Serge, Canada - Solo Ultra-Linear)