Headphone Extension Cable

Headphone Extension Cable

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

This hard-wearing stereo headphone extension cable will let you and your headphone amplifier sit where you decide!

All too often the headphone cable is too short, so you have to sit close to your headphone amp... or you have to move the headphone amp closer to you... and then buy a longer interconnect??

Don't! You simply need this extension cable.

This headphone extension lead is available in 3 metre or 4 metre length. The headphone extension cable is fitted with a high quality Neutrik gold plated ¼" stereo jack plug, and locking Neutrik ¼" 'free'-socket.

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The Best We've Found For Critical Listening

This headphone extension cable is what we use in critical listening in the design of our award-winning electronics, and as such is designed for minimal influence on the characteristics of your headphones.

It's a far better solution than having your headphone cable extended or replaced by a longer cable because that will permanently change your headphone's character.

It's also a lot better than having long and bulky interconnects to your headphone amp just to be able to move it closer.

It's also shielded, just like your headphone cable is (well, most are). This ensures they don't act like an aerial which could otherwise pick-up interference and upset your listening by it getting into your headphone amplifier circuit via its output.

This headphone extension cable uses no sound-bending tricks. It's just made to high professional standards using high quality materials.

Headphone extension cable with Neutrik connectors

Fitted with Neutrik professional connectors

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Terminations¼" stereo plug to ¼" stereo jack
Connector platingGold
Capacitance140pf/metre (43pf/foot)
Voltage rating30V rms
Lay-upIndividually shielded pair
Core insulationPolyethylene
ShieldSpiral lapped copper
Jacket and braidPVC

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with our continuous improvement policy.


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