Should your Graham Slee or HiFi System Components product become faulty outside its warranty period or damaged it can be repaired at reasonable cost by sending it back to HiFi System Components Ltd.

We do not have any appointed approved repairers.

Please contact us with the nature of the fault and we will give you an estimated cost of repair and the cost of shipping the product back to you.

It is important when sending back from a country where there is no free movement of goods between it and the United Kingdom to mark your package as "Return For Scrapping" and make the value a nominal sum of £1. We will not scrap your product!

This is a technicality because UK customs has an extremely complicated proceedure for the acceptance of goods returned for repair, which charges the recipient (us) import duty based on its value. This import duty is impossible to claim back when "re-exported" to you, due to shippers/postal services/couriers inability to supply the appropriate proof of re-export. The advice to label your parcel "Return For Scrapping" was given to us by HMRC UK customs.

If we receive a package where the above advice has not been followed resulting in a charge for customs duty we will have to add that sum to your repair bill.