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Prices are detailed on the product pages.

If you're outside the UK

If you are not in the UK, please be aware that in the EU, VAT is now payable on delivery instead of paying it here as part of the price. If you're further afield customs duty may apply. Customs duty is charged by your government and we can't refund it.

Distance trading rules

We happily comply with distance trading law. Your order is NOT legally binding on you until you've paid the invoice. Even then you have 14 days after receipt to cancel without having to give a reason - even if you've used the product. Provided you send the item(s) back within 28 days - a full refund will be given.

Items being returned from outside the UK must be zero valued and marked "RETURN FOR SCRAPPING" otherwise UK import duty will have to be paid out of your refund money.

Our shipping experience

As a manufacturer we have over 16 years experience of shipping and tracking our products all around the world so be assured your order will arrive, and that this is our official factory shop.

Please note that your order can take up to 2 weeks to ship. This is because we individually hand craft everything we make.

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