Try Before You Buy - for free

Buying new hifi products can be a stressful process as you may not be sure that the item you ordered will work well with your existing equipment. If you've been able to find a dealer near at hand who can demonstrate products you may have more of an idea, but you still don't know how a product works in your system.

This is where we can help! Or to be more precise, how our Forum can help.

HiFi System Components have supplied a small group of forum members with examples of most the Graham Slee range of Phono Preamps, Power Amps, DACs. These members act as Loan Co-ordinators, and on request from other forum members, will send items to them for a free home trial. This way, you can audition items at your leisure, in your own system, and really see how they work for you. You don't need to rely on a dealer demo, or reading magazine or online reviews, to determine how good a product is. Your own ears will tell you!

What's the catch? Is it really free? There is no catch. No-one will follow up with sales calls. You have no obligation to buy anything. When you return the items, that's it! The service is totally free, but we ask you to reimburse the loan co-ordinators their shipping costs, and of course you need to pay the shipping costs back to them. Hopefully you agree that this is only fair as the loan co-ordinators are unpaid volunteers.

Currently the loan service is offered for members in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. To take advantage of this service all you need to do is join the forum - click the button below to go to our registration form. Happy listening.