DIN Breakout Cable

DIN Breakout Cable

The Ins And Outs of 5-pin DIN Answered

This short 5-pin DIN Breakout cable will take away the guessing game and enable you to make the right connections.

Most people find 5-pin DIN equipped products very confusing so let's take away that confusion and empower you with the ability to connect using this breakout adapter!

Older European equipment manufactured by such as Bang & Olufsen, and newer equipment manufactured by Naim often featured 5-pin DIN connectors for inputs and outputs. This DIN breakout adapter solves any confusion allowing you to connect other equipment to inputs and outputs.

The DIN breakout cable uses high quality cable and connectors, with one 5-pin DIN plug connected to four RCA/phono sockets.

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Finding DIN Confusing?

We're not surprised that so many people find DIN connectors so confusing, but your problem is now solved.

5-pin DIN allows for stereo inputs and outputs on the one connector. Two pins are for left and right in. Two more are for right and left out. And the remaining one is ground or common.

They're wired like this:

pin 2 - the 3rd pin along the arc of pins (the middle pin) is ground or common.

pins 3 and 5 are left and right inputs to the equipment.

pins 1 and 4 are left and right outputs from the equipment.

Simple when you know how! But most people don't know and you don't need to remember all this - you just need this DIN breakout cable and you're away!

Please note: uses 180° DIN plug which is unsuitable for use with 240° DIN sockets. Please contact us if you want to connect to a 240° DIN socket.

DIN 'IO' connector to pairs of RCA/phono jacks

5-pin DIN 'IO' plug, as used on European equipment, to pairs of RCA/phono jacks

Just Follow The Arrows

Marked to be easily understood, it shouldn't need an explanation, but we'll do it anyway...

If your 5-pin DIN equipment socket is an input connect your RCA/phono interconnect cable to the arrows pointing to the DIN plug.

If your 5 pin DIN equipment socket is an output connect your RCA/phono interconnect cable to the arrows pointing away from the DIN plug.

Tape Loop With 5-pin DIN

5-pin DIN made it really easy to connect a tape recorder to an amplifier or receiver - it only needed a fully wired 'swap-over' DIN lead.

Today you might not have a tape recorder and want to use the tape output to connect to a headphone amplifier. Or you might want to use the tape input for that extra piece of source equipment. Then again, you might have a serviceable tape recorder having RCA/phono jacks and want to use the 5-pin DIN socket for recording and playback.

The DIN breakout cable, by being fully wired, makes all this possible.

Not only does it make it possible, knowing that you want the best in high fidelity, we've made it using the best materials:

The cable is top quality and fully shielded.

The RCA/phono jacks are in high quality gold plate made by Amphenol, which make great contact.

The DIN plug is rubust and hard wearing metal bodied offering excellent shielding.

No Hum-Loop

The icing on the cake is our understanding of how misplaced connections cause hum-loops. DIN connectors make ground (common signal) contact through pin-2 and also by their metal body. Most make the mistake of connecting to the body too. The DIN breakout cable doesn't so you don't get hum-loops. The purpose of the body connection is so the equipment shields the body of the plug to its 0V connection. It isn't wired to as well.

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TerminationsMetal bodied 5-pin DIN / 4 x gold plated RCA jacks
DIN connector type180°
Voltage rating30V rms
Lay-upIndividually shielded
Core insulationPolyethylene
ShieldBraided copper
Jacket and braidPVC

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with our continuous improvement policy.


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