Deze Headphone Cable

Deze Headphone Cables

Replacement Headphone Cable

The Deze (pronounced dee-zee) is a replacement cable for Audeze LCD2 and LCD3 headphones.

It will make a considerable difference to the performance of these headphones.

The headphone cable for Audeze LCD2 LCD3 is available in 3 metre or 4 metre length. This replacement headphone cable is fitted with high quality Neutrik connectors.

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It's The Insulation - Not The Wire

Science Fact: Electromagnetic fields travel at different rates in different mediums.

What limits the propagation of an electrical signal in wire is not the metal conductor material but the insulation wrapped around it.

Some say that audio signals are at such low frequencies compared to the many different propagation speeds caused by cable insulation that it is of no consequence.

However, people (who, after-all, this is done for) say they can detect differences in the sound of their music when we let them audition a cable made with one type of insulation and a cable made with another.

And because our job is all about pleasing the customer, we make the Deze cable using insulation material that allows for fast propagation.

Deze Headphone Cable Terminations

Our standard Deze cable is fitted with Neutrik professional connectors (Rean is part of Neutrik)

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Terminations¼" stereo plug to 2x mini XLR
Jack Connector platingGold
Capacitance140pf/metre (43pf/foot)
Voltage rating30V rms
Lay-upIndividually shielded pair
Core insulationPolyethylene
ShieldWoven copper, foil and drain wire
Jacket and braidPVC

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with our continuous improvement policy.


My listening comments can be summarised as follows:
- I was stunned by the HF clarity. It is detailed without brightness. Cymbals, finger noises on strings, breathing are all audible if picked out, without being obtrusive. This made the HD Bach Harpsichord Concerto and REM's Out of Time come to life, and ripped CD's of Dislocated Boy and Killing in the Name were dynamic, instruments clear in the mix, and exciting to listen to.
- The bass is deeper so kick drums were tight thumps, double bass was present in the orchestra. The Massive Attack tracks I tried were awesome.
- The midrange of the LCD-2's seems to be slightly more detailed than with my cables, the phrasing of the backing vocals on the REM tracks could be easily picked out.
- I think the stereo image is a bit wider with the sense that tracks on the far left or right were well outside my head.
The overall impression is a musical and natural reproduction of the music. It is what the LCD-2's do, done even better.
- forum member: Fatmangolf (Jon Berg), Middlesbrough