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The Graham Slee Audio Forum is the best place to learn how Graham Slee HiFi System Components can improve your musical listening experience.

It has more than 3000 product owner members with an active core of expert members ready to give their own guidance and opinions of our products.

It is a friendly forum where members can feel comfortable to talk about their high fidelity adventures and positive experiences with HiFi System Components products. For your protection, Internet "trolls" are not allowed and membership has to be applied for (use form below) and is manually registered by our own staff.

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The loaner program initiated in 2011 is a great way to try our products in the comfort of your own home. We're sure you will be highly delighted!

It's available to forum members in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Australia.

This service is provided through the forum's group of volunteer coordinators, and it really says something about the quality of Graham Slee brand products when owners feel so enthusiastic about them that they volunteer to help others hear what they're about.

The coordinators are unpaid and so the loaner program offers a way of trying out our products in your own home without any sales pressure. All it costs is the price of postage both ways which you pay to the coordinator.

We only ask that if you enjoyed your experience of our products that you write about your findings - but even so it isn't mandatory!

Contacting a loaner program coordinator...

find a loaner program coordinator

Find the loaner program for your location and click to see posts.

how to send a pm

Identify the coordinator and click dropdown to send your request.

Proof of ID: It is only reasonable that the coordinator needs to prove your identity when sending you expensive products to try out. Copies of a utility bill, passport ID page and driving licence will suffice. You don't need to show any ID to join as a member - it's only for the loaner program.

Contributor Rewards

Help others by contributing to the forum and HiFi System Components will reward you with a special discount coupon you can use against the purchase price of any of our products.

Use the coupon as often as you want - it's yours for as long as you're a contributing member (expires 12 months after your last post).

Your coupon's discount value: New member (after 5 "non-spam" posts): 5%; Regular: 7.5%; Senior: 10%

Applies to product price only - does not apply to shipping - cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer - only available on direct purchase from HiFi System Components - you must use your coupon code at time of purchase - cannot be retro-applied.

Thanks to 'Fatmangolf' and Graham for the UK loan programme, it truly is a fantastic idea!
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I must say that the loan programme is fantastic. You can really assess this equipment in your own home, in your own system, over time...
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