DACs, High Fidelity Power Amps & Headphone Amplifiers

Valve-like sound but solid-state — this range of power amps and DACs remove all traces of listener fatigue, replacing it with deeply satisfying musicality and a believable sound stage.

"...completely without any edge, harshness, sterility, or artificial brightness: it produces its exceptional wealth of detail the old-fashioned way – through natural-sounding fidelity" Paul Szabady (Stereo Times) on his pair of Proprius amplifiers.

"Across all the headphones used and with a wide variety of music, it consistently delivers excellent results. Beauty in this instance is so much more than merely skin deep" Hi-Fi Choice on the Solo ULDE headphone amp.

Check out our amplifier range below - you'll find a power amp or DAC that will give your ears pleasure for years!