High Fidelity Amplifiers

You need a high fidelity amplifier system that will give you a smooth, detailed, powerful sound. These amplifier components will make it easy for you to get it right! Combine a pair of Proprius amplifiers with our Majestic DAC preamp for a perfect stereo amplifier.

Full Frequency Extremes - Zero Harshness

Here you've found amplification which does the full range of frequencies without harshness or glare.

But more than that, this digital preamp and the monoblock power amps used as a stereo system will sound "holographic" where the source allows.

And no, we're not trying to fool you - we actually mean what we say.

Smooth Operators
by Graham Slee

Smooth usually means restrained and boring. These smooth operators are anything but.

The word "smooth" is often associated with warm, syrupy sounding tube amps. These products are nothing like that.

"Smooth" here means effortless. The music is fluid. The dynamic "ebb and flow" has freedom to expand with the music.

The timing of these products keeps great pace with the music. In fact the music dictates the sound rather than the equipment dictating what the music does.

Majestic Digital Preamp

Tonally, they reach the highest highs and deepest lows (your speakers allowing).

Used as a stereo system the spatial abilities can produce a very believable stereo sound-stage.

Studio effects such as "Q-sound" are projected into room positions you might think impossible, but with suitable speakers, these products are quite capable of doing so.

Proprius Power Amplifiers