Phono Stages

High fidelity phono stages by veteran phono stage and analogue audio designer, Graham Slee. His experience in gramophone preamplification spans four decades, and in choosing any one of these phono stages you are guaranteed great sound and a wonderfully deep sound-stage. Record surface noise is also much reduced.

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Listen to some of our phono amps on this independent YouTube Channel (not affiliated with this company).

Archival - Switched EQ

Switchable equalisation for older records such as 78 rpm and old LPs. These play modern vinyl extremely well too.

Kits & Projects

Make your own phono stage using our projects and parts kits.

Moving Coil Step-Up Amplifier

Match low output moving coil, and low output moving iron cartridges, to the input sensitivity of our moving magnet phono preamps and get superb results.