Phono Preamp Stages for the Discerning Listener

Getting the best out of vinyl has been our forte since 1998. The key to excellence in vinyl reproduction comes from a greater understanding of its workings. Our position at the forefront of phono stage development is demonstrated by our latest patented designs; the Accession MM and Accession MC phono stages.

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The Conductor's Choice - Phono Preamps from Graham Slee

Find what makes our phono preamp stages the choice of musicians

AlpineSoft VinylStudio now incorporates software RIAA EQ for the Accession phono stages.

Phono Amps from Graham Slee

Listen to some of our phono amps on this independent YouTube Channel (not affiliated with this company).

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These products will only meet with EMC and ESD legislation when used in conjunction with correctly shielded interconnects. A shielded interconnect has the property of a Faraday shield (an all-encompassing 360 degree shield) when connected between shielded equipment. An unconnected shield, or simply no shield at all, is NOT a Faraday shield. We reserve the right to charge for wasted time in warranty or repairs should the product be used with unshielded interconnects. Beware of interconnect vendors falsely claiming Faraday shielding.

Archival - Switched EQ (prices high to low)

Phono preamp stages with switchable equalisation for older records such as 78 rpm and old LPs. These play modern vinyl extremely well too.

Kits & Projects

Make your own phono preamp stage using our projects and parts kits.

Moving Coil Step-Up Amplifier

Match low output moving coil, and low output moving iron cartridges, to the input sensitivity of our moving magnet phono preamp stages and get superb results.

7 Good Reasons to Choose a Graham Slee Phono Preamp

Phono Preamp Patent
  • 20+ years of making some of the best sounding phono preamps in the world
  • The only manufacturer granted a phono preamp patent in recent times
  • Graham Slee phono stage preamps are known world wide
  • Highly rated by respected reviewers
  • Prove it for yourself - backed by an international loaner program
  • More than 60 dealers world-wide
  • Every phono amp is and built and tested to order by our experienced craftsmen

If a job's worth doing it's worth doing right, and the Graham Slee team here at HiFi System Components will make you a phono preamp you can be proud of and enjoy your music with year after year.

A Graham Slee phono preamp is special as any owner will tell you. And Graham Slee insisted each preamp be made to order by his own team in England - yes, even the budget Gram Amp 2 - so you can treasure the sonic delights of a true thoroughbred phono preamp design.