There can be a number of reasons for you to return a product to us: it may be because you are dissatisfied with a purchase; you might require a warranty repair; you might require a factory upgrade or you might require your product servicing.

This page provides information on how to do this and links to the appropriate pages which provide more information.

Please also read our terms and conditions.

Important: Returns From Outside Free Movement Of Goods Countries

It is important when sending back from a country where there is no free movement of goods between it and the United Kingdom to mark your package as "Return For Scrapping" and make the value a nominal sum of £1. We will not scrap your product!

This is a technicality because UK customs has an extremely complicated proceedure for the acceptance of goods returned for repair, which charges the recipient (us) import duty based on its value. This import duty is impossible to claim back when "re-exported" to you, due to shippers/postal services/couriers inability to supply the appropriate proof of re-export. The advice to label your parcel "Return For Scrapping" was given to us by HMRC UK customs.

Returns Under Warranty

Please see our warranty page...

Returns For Servicing and Repair

Please see our repairs page...

Returns Under Distance Trading Regulations

Also see our terms and conditions...

You have the right to cancel your order at any time after placing it, and this must be by acceptable means under distance selling regulations.

You must inform HiFi System Components Limited by durable medium such as a read receipted email that you wish to cancel your order at any time between placing your order and up to 14 days after receiving it.

If the order has been dispatched (shipped), you must pay the cost of returning the goods or services to HiFi System Components Limited at the above address.

If the order has not been dispatched (shipped) the goods or services will be withheld and your transaction will be refunded at the next possible opportunity (usually the next working day when staff are available and communication can be made with the payment handler).

If the order has been dispatched (shipped) then the purchaser must accept the goods or services when delivered (and pay custom duty and/or local taxes that may apply). The purchaser must then send the goods or services back to HiFi System Components Limited.

If returning the goods or services from a country where there will be a customs duty and/or VAT charge on HiFi System Components Limted to accept the return it is advisable to mark the packaging "RETURNED FOR SCRAPPING" to prevent authorities levying customs duty and/or VAT charges on HiFi System Components Limited. Failure to do so will lead to HiFi System Components being made to pay customs duty and or VAT on the return, and any amounts that cannot be reclaimed will be deducted from your refund.

In the 14 days from receiving the goods and/or services you have the right to examine the goods in any acceptable way that is considered normal usage. The goods or services must not be dismantled in any way, and all parts of the supplied goods or services must be returned if you cancel.

After the 14 days you have another 14 days (total 28 days) in which to return the goods or services. If the goods or services will not reach the return address (above) before the end of the 28 days you must supply acceptable proof of postage or despatch dated on or before the 28 days expires.

A refund will be made in full by reversing your original payment method if card (and we advise making payment by credit or debit card for this purpose), or by bank transfer if paid by that means. A full refund of the purchase price plus the cost of shipping to you will be made only if the goods or services are received and are received in a reasonable condition allowable for your right to their examination.

Once the goods or services are received and the refund has been made the original contract of sale is then void. The purchaser has then no hold over HiFi System Components Limited for any other form of compensation.

The Address For Returns

HiFi System Components Limited, 6 Buttercross Drive, Little Houghton, Barnsley, S72 0HS, United Kingdom

Telephone number to be used with any shipment: +44 (0) 1226 755328.