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Accession MM & Enigma PSU

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Forum Description: Satisfied with your Graham Slee phono preamp? - share your experiences here
Printed Date: 20 Apr 2024 at 8:29pm
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Topic: Accession MM & Enigma PSU
Posted By: Big E
Subject: Accession MM & Enigma PSU
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2021 at 7:29pm
Had been researching reviews for a new phono stage to go with my Thorens TD 1600 w’ Ortofon 2M Black (Transparent Cable interconnects). Running it through a top of the line Onkyo AVR and PSB Stratus Silver speakers (both to be re-visited at some point).
At my age (59) and at this stage in this hobby I just do not have the energy to make multiple visits to dealers; obtain test units; drive myself crazy by listening for endless hours, etc. I buy based on pro reviews and customer feedback and then just pull the trigger. Knowing of course, that if I decide it doesn’t get the job done it can be returned.
Recently decided to purchase an Accession MM with the Enigma PSU as it seemed to be a great all around piece and potentially maybe the last phono stage I needed to purchase.
Hooked it up yesterday and have been spinning a few of my reference discs as initial listening tests, knowing that in a week or two it may even improve?
Can this be possible? As based on what I have heard so far I am blown away.
Sound is warm, musical. Soundstage is wide and all enveloping. Noise floor is non existent. Instrument definition and separation are incredible. Choral voices are individual, brought together as a balanced unit.
You know you have made the right choice when you are listening to music and have zero issues or complaints. 
If anyone reading this is on the fence about the Accession, don’t be!
It is a really great piece of equipment and you will not be disappointed. 
Loving it!

Posted By: lfc jon
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2021 at 8:27pm
Believe me it will improve. I was the same as you when I got my 1st GS phono amp. JUST give it time. just keep it powered up it's designed to be on all the time. one other thing If you are thinking of any other Graham Slee products take advantage of the loan system you can then try it at home, all you have to pay for is P&P both ways and I think you 10 days before you have to send it back. I have used it my self. We on this forum are all friendly so any INFO or things need to ask don't be afraid too. 

Reflex M, Solo (both with PSU-1) CuSat50, Lautus, Spatia & Spatia links cables. Ortofon Bronze.

Posted By: less
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2021 at 10:48pm
Welcome! Just wait till you hook it up to a pair of Proprius amps Wink

Graham’s products can be rather addictive, but that’s ok because the listening pleasure just goes on and on.

I’m using the Revelation at the moment (through Majestic and Proprius) but have an Accession on it’s way to evaluate, together with an Enigma power supply. Odds are I’ll end up buying both!

Wherever your journey ends I hope you will enjoy listening to music for a long time to come.

This a friendly forum so visit often.


I don't do mediocrity!

Les Sutherland

Posted By: fluddite
Date Posted: 08 Mar 2021 at 1:02am
Have been meaning to post on this topic for the past few weeks, but will keep it brief to avoid too much incontinent burbling...

Got my Accession MM + Engima a month or so back. Massive kudos to John C. for sorting out my initial cabling issues Thumbs Up when getting set up - he's A Total Star!

Allowed a week or so of burn-in, then started to indulge...

In short: everything everybody says about AMM+E is true, only more so. The cliche about hearing things in (very familiar) records that you haven't heard before is completely borne out. Average LPs start to sound great; good LPs sound fantastic; great LPs... well, you can see where this is going. Feeding the variable output into my Solo ULDE > Sennheiser250 II (the fixed output goes to the R**a Elex-R) offers up another sort of sonic nirvana. And it continues to get better with further burn-in. Wider soundstage in stereo. Further depth and burnish in mono (how did I ever live without a mono switch?). Complete integration of instruments regardless of genre. Hours (days, weeks - presumably lifetimes) of added pleasure.

Bottom line: Graham (and by extension John C.) is Some Kind Of a Genius. The fact that he's a top bloke who chooses not to charge the earth for his creations (when he certainly could) is an inestimable bonus for all us music-loving mortals.

Enough burbling. Message ends. Wink


Posted By: Fatmangolf
Date Posted: 08 Mar 2021 at 8:30pm
Well said Ian.


Open mind and ears whilst owning GSP Genera, Accession M, Accession MC, Elevator EXP, Solo ULDE, Proprius amps, Cusat50 cables, Lautus digital cable, Spatia cables and links, and a Majestic DAC.

Posted By: Philmack
Date Posted: 08 Mar 2021 at 11:12pm
Agree with all the above, the Accession M is special, I don't even use my pre-amp anymore the Accession M straight to my monos is better.


Nottingham Analogue Space 294, Wand+, Hana SH, Slee Accession M, Custom PSE 300B mono blocks, Ascension speakers, Slee Lautus ICs, Atlas Speaker cables.

Posted By: lfc jon
Date Posted: 09 Mar 2021 at 7:41pm
Hi Phil
I see you use Atlas cables for your speakers I do too I also use them for my ICs but I am using the lautus cable from my amp to the GS headphone amp. But when I have the funds I will be going GS on all my ICs cables, I say when I have the  funds that may be some time as I have a lot of new music on order and some I'm waiting to be released in the next month or two months. I am enjoying my system at the moment but I do feel that there is a improvement to be had with new cables.  BUT I DO LIKE BUYING NEW MUSIC and that's what HiFi is for playing music. do you agree?

Reflex M, Solo (both with PSU-1) CuSat50, Lautus, Spatia & Spatia links cables. Ortofon Bronze.

Posted By: nemu
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2021 at 1:57am
Hi @Big E!

Congratulations, choosing the Accession MM you made a great choice. I have got my Accession some years ago and enjoy it very much. I listend to and also own a few other much more expensive phono preamps, but always come back to use the Accession. From my perspective of few a phono preamp very much underated by people, probably because of the not so fancy look. But sound is what counts!

Have fun listening to your records.


Accession MM (PSU1), Accession MC (Enigma PSU1)

Posted By: Deano
Date Posted: 19 Feb 2023 at 11:42pm

Just received my Accession MM and Enigma.  This was after a very helpful advice email from John Cadman who put me onto Keith O'Neil, Wyndham Audio, Melbourne.

Not going to write a review as it's all been said.  Powered it up and fully intended waiting a few days for burn in before an audition.  Gave into temptation after a couple of hours and what a revelation.  Was never unhappy with my Ortofon blue and Rega fono but now found I had a whole new collection to listen to.  Even my wife who shows little interest, stopped in passing with a 'wow'.

Could've listened for months with the Ortofon but a hankering to try a new cartridge is what started it all off.  Wanted to try an mc but ended up with a Fideles and Accession after quite a few email conversations and advice from Keith.  So thought I'd better fit it.  Very nice and a good upgrade though without the immediate 'wow' factor the Accession gave.

Want to give a wrap to John for his initial advice and especially to Keith for his help, advice and knowledge.  If you're down under this is a man worth contacting for anything music.  There's not many like these blokes still around.



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