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Accession MC review

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Printed Date: 29 Jul 2021 at 7:48pm
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Topic: Accession MC review
Posted By: Aussie Mick
Subject: Accession MC review
Date Posted: 27 Sep 2020 at 5:39am
Hi All,
    The Accession MC/Enigma PSU is on day three in my system. As is customary, I though some words should be committed to a review. Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of trouble, because I can't "hear it working". Yes, I'm hearing a really different presentation to the Reflex M - Elevator EXP combo it replaced, with a deeper stage and smoother response, better detail and macro/micro dynamics, cleaner bass, etc, but it's not like it moved those things from an 8 to a 9 on a subjective scale. It's that it's made those comparisons a bit redundant, like it's good enough that it's removed the NEED to discuss or compare those elements. The music just sits there behind, around and above and below the speakers, disconnected from the boxes, doing expressive things and revealing what went on in the studio, especially with depth of field.

With a good pressing it's as quiet as digital. A really powerful presentation - meaty. The best I've heard the RP8/Apheta 2 combo. You can play the system at tremendous volume without any hardness or glare (and the PMC's love loud). 

The mono switch is something that should be on every decent phono preamp - it's a revelation for a bunch of old classical stuff and Beatles albums and mono jazz. It's much cleaner and more convincing.

The switchable EQ is also very handy for me. I have an original mono German pressing of Karajan's first Berlin Beethoven symphonies cycle. Pop it into mono and select the British EQ setting - the DG stodge just goes away and it's a wonderfully vivid performance, and even seems more rhythmically alive (perhaps it's throwing a bit more light on upper midrange detail?). Original Columbia albums with Bruno Walter on the "American" setting brings more warmth and radiance to recordings that have always seemed too bright to me.

Finally, running it direct into the Proprius via the variable outs, and to the Solo ULDE via the fixed outputs, I have a vinyl system that is minimalist, easy to use, and with sound quality that is truly excellent.

I can't wait for lockdowns to end so I can share music with more people. The Accession MC is a brilliant piece of equipment, and I can honestly say that the reviews I've read (universally positive) are NOT exaggerating when singing its praises. I'm so glad I own this unit and can't wait for the inevitable improvements to come over the coming weeks.
Thanks again, Graham, for a fabulous product at a brilliant price point.
All the best,

Rega RP8 - Apheta 2 - Accession MC Enigma PS -Solo ULDE (Focal Utopia) - Proprius - PMC Twenty5.22

Posted By: morris_minor
Date Posted: 27 Sep 2020 at 3:42pm
Well said Mick. I couldn't agree more! Thumbs Up


Majestic DAC/pre-amp
Accession MC/Enigma, Accession MM, Reflex M, Elevator EXP, Era Gold V
Solo ULDE, Novo, Lautus USB and digital, Libran balanced, CuSat50
2 x Proprius + Spatia/Spatia Links

Posted By: Aussie Mick
Date Posted: 09 Dec 2020 at 12:49am
Hi All,
   Two months living with the Accession! Yowza! Big boned, open, detailed, wide and tall, dynamic and hugely enjoyable music pours forth from my PMC standmounts. Foot tapping when required, glorious on large scale orchestral music, intimate on small material, Sinatra, Ella and Louis sound focused and lifelike, the tiny details of vibrato and phrase shaping laid bare. It doesn’t musically discriminate at all, the RP8/Apheta2 combo is lightening fast but also rich in colour, the qualities that I value. And there’s a sense of real presence - a density to instruments and voices that helps that 3D illusion. 
Buy one. Go on. You know you want to.

Rega RP8 - Apheta 2 - Accession MC Enigma PS -Solo ULDE (Focal Utopia) - Proprius - PMC Twenty5.22

Posted By: Fatmangolf
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2020 at 9:28pm
I must agree with Mick about the listening pleasure of an Accession MC. I've been listening to more records recently, listening and recording them for easy access later. The AccMC brings the music to life, sometimes I take this for granted but I have really been appreciating what I am hearing in my home.


Open mind and ears whilst owning GSP Genera, Accession M, Accession MC, Elevator EXP, Solo ULDE, Proprius amps, Cusat50 cables, Lautus digital cable, Spatia cables and links, and a Majestic DAC.

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