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PSU1 Versus Green | Power Supplies

Posted by Graham
November 22nd, 2013

The two power supplies run different technologies. The Green is aptly named because it is energy efficient – nearly all the power it consumes is the energy requirement of the equipment it powers. The PSU1 is the ‘old fashioned’ less efficient transformer type of power supply – around 60% gets used to magnetise the transformer core and only 40% is available to the equipment.

The technology used in the Green is so specialised that we buy those in – and who are specialists in making them? The Chinese! It’s the only thing we have which is made in China. It is a low cost unit, and replaced the ‘wall wart’ power supply we used to include with our budget offerings.

The PSU1 is made by us. We make it to a strict set of rules to conform to a safety approval we gained from a certified body “Kema Quality” – it is IEC approved. Its case, transformer, circuit boards and labelling are all British made.

The sound? The Green is good – but being switch-mode technology it shouldn’t be good. It is only good because of the input filters we designed into our products’ power inputs. You will get nearly all the sound quality our products can do using the Green.

Being switch-mode there is also some case resonance because of the high frequency energy usage, and all switch-mode supplies make a pulsating whistle sound after a while. It’s not normally heard but in a very quiet room most people detect it.

The PSU1 allows our products to show off their full capabilities. The difference is not always readily heard on AB testing – personally I don’t hear any differences that quickly and I once bought the ‘wrong’ speakers based on an AB test.

The difference the PSU1 brings is a more weightier or more authoritative performance with a more extended and accurate stereo sound stage. Highs and presence bands don’t sound forced or edgy.

The cost to keep a PSU1 running full time is around £10 – £20 per year depending on electricity tariffs. The Green is cheaper to run.