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Nobody Teaches Engineers Analogue Audio Anymore

Posted by Graham

Nobody teaches engineers analogue-audio anymore – they haven’t done for the last 20-30 years – it’s all been digital. Yet today, you see hundreds of items which are analogue: amps, preamps, headphone amps and phono preamps – the choice is unreal!

Where have all these manufacturing geniuses sprung from? The truth is there are precious few! Instead there are lots of unscrupulous business men. The products they peddle are pattern parts (clones) made in the far east or underdeveloped countries – yes, even the big names can source this way! All these are essentially the same but for the eye catching styling people fall for. But with armies of fan boys infiltrating magazines and on forums and in user groups – the media is full of them – the news is geared to their promotion.

Dealers push these products hard because the margins they offer them are out of this world. You should realise they get 70% – how else can they offer 70% discounts when times are hard?

If you’re not in the know about this, you may have bought such products, and by now you’re probably ready to throw in the towel. The truth is, you’re not going to get any greater musical enjoyment out of replacing the same with the same. You’re simply fuelling the deceit.

However, hidden under the pile of junk you will find a few small companies – us being one of them, who still have the genius as well as the spirit to make equipment that’s far better for your ears! We too have great reviews but they are much harder to win because we don’t have the advertising budgets that the profiteers can easily afford. We don’t have the paid fan boys in high places. We don’t have the search engine manipulation. No, we spend our time as good little engineers, pushing the boundaries and giving you more musical enjoyment for your budget.

Join the thousands who are on the receiving end of our good work – those who are having a great time listening to music with our products, rather than the millions who’ve been duped into having a bad time.