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New RF Analyser For Enhanced QC

Posted by Graham
February 20th, 2015

Reproduced from the Forum News section:

Primarily for more stringent EMC pre-compliance testing (the reason why our products carry the CE mark), our latest acquisition will also help us find any hidden gremlins so future designs could perform even better.

Capable of finding spurious noise, oscillations and ringing other tests cannot uncover (using H and E field close coupled probes), this new Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyser covers a bandwidth of 9kHz – 1.5GHz.

Obviously you’ll not hear at most of those frequencies, but RF emissions between equipment – air borne, or via the mains, or interconnects, can seriously affect performance.

We’re already in front with immunity on sensitive inputs like moving coil, and one day we hope tonearm manufacturers will catch up – poor shielding above 30MHz!!!

So the next time you hear RF/EMI, don’t automatically blame us.

RF Analyser