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Gram Amp 2 Gets 5 Stars In What Hi-Fi Review!

Posted by Graham
June 11th, 2013
Gram Amp 2 Communicator Image updated July 2016

5 Stars from What Hi-Fi12 years at the top! The Gram Amp 2, now known as the “Communicator” to differentiate it from the Gram Amp 2 Special Edition, is my budget phono stage. It started out all those years ago as a winner and picked up 5 stars from What Hi-Fi in its first review with them.It also picked up several other accolades over the years – it makes music and the reviewers ears hear it!

This is how What Hi-Fi described it in their very latest review . . .

“It doesn’t look like much and it doesn’t feel like much, but the Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator is a brilliant little box. . .
Graham Slee makes no bones about the “low cost anodized aluminium enclosure”, either – this is all about high-quality sound on a budget. . .
And it delivers. Timing is excellent: listening to Four Tet, the rolling rhythm pulls us in to the track and the level of detail keeps us hooked, listening to various intricacies we might not have heard before. It’s fast, organised and dynamic . . .
Low on frills, high on quality, the aptly named Communicator comes highly recommended.”

[What Hi-Fi, June 2013, “Spin Doctors” review]

OK, I’ve had to change the circuit over the years but I think reviews like this show I know about phono preamps and know how to make them to a consistently high standard of musicality.

And the other contenders? You’ll have to read the entire review, but the two often touted as my superiors on the forums – well – they only got 4 stars.